Fresh groceries on the Highway

Jun , 3
Fresh groceries on the Highway

It would seem that this is not the most favorable time for opening trade enterprises, however, when the concept of a business is correct, then its stability can overcome any macroeconomic downturn.

The correct location – in the center of “Rublyovka”

On Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, the village of Gorki-2 is at the center, a point that embraces the entire so called “Rublyovka” area, both towards the city (Usovo, Iliyskoye, Zhukovka, Barvikha, Razdory) and from the city (Borki, Uspenskoye, Nikolino, Nikolina Gora, Gorki-10).

Location is the first condition, necessary for a successful trading business


The right business model – organic farming food with services

Technology has allowed rural productivity to increase over the past half century, which has led to a dramatic reduction in hunger around the world, however, this is not without consequences, as GMOs and toxic fertilizers can be harmful to health. The demand for natural, organic, organic food has grown in line with public awareness of the risks of eating foods with modified genetics.

Thus, Rublevsky Privoz  is a market at first, where you can buy fresh food, but not only, it is the center of attraction for visitors from the entire “Rublyovka” area, as in the market you can drink coffee, eat fresh rolls or sushi on the spot, taste good wine, even hold events, in general, it is a center where the atmosphere is created and aimed at spending pleasant moments.


Correct design solutions

There is a business model, there is a technical task. Under the guidance of the JTA architecture bureau, a team of talented designers and consultants fulfilled all the requirements of the tasks in the concept:

– Comfort and functionality – the layout turned out to be as open as possible, and had to provide potential changes in the use of spaces as needed in relation to changes in market conditions. Careful development of planning solutions in a hundred options for discussion led to the best solution to the problem.

– Unique, attractive design – so that the building attracts attention in the area with its appearance and geometry, its materials and proportions, so that its scale is human, and therefore the building is one-story, and also that the building fits well with the surroundings of Rublevka, the district , which has its own specific architectural style.

– Concern for energy efficiency – Operating costs can seriously reduce the ROI in a business model, so the goal was to optimize the investment versus operation ratio. The increase in thermal insulation performance in the building envelope, with the correct orientation of light-transparent structures, as well as energy-efficient engineering systems, approved the customer’s investment expectations.

To materialise this ambitious project, HPL panels were used as cladding, both on the facades and on the internal ceiling, and also partially high-performance sandwich panels in the technical area of ​​the building were used. On the floor, on the sidewalks, there are natural granite slabs, and inside there was used large-format ceramic granite slabs. For the external walls, it is mainly transparent high-efficiency glazing covered for protection from the street view by lamellas made of HPL panels as well.

Quality expectations and requirements are constantly increasing, and this project was created to meet all this in the best possible manner, even under new conditions in the future…

Meet Rublevsky Privoz, opening soon …


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