Redefining Highways: Fresh Groceries En Route

Jun , 3
Redefining Highways: Fresh Groceries En Route

In the midst of economic uncertainty, launching commercial ventures can be perceived as risky. However, when underpinned by a sound business concept, such an enterprise can weather any macroeconomic storm.

Location as the Epicentre – “Rublyovka”

Nestled on the Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway is the village of Gorki-2, an idyllic central point encapsulating the entirety of the “Rublyovka” region. This stretch extends both towards the city (Usovo, Iliyskoye, Zhukovka, Barvikha, Razdory) and from the city (Borki, Uspenskoye, Nikolino, Nikolina Gora, Gorki-10).



A Robust Business Model – Organic Farming and Service Excellence

Technological advances have revolutionized rural productivity over the past few decades, dramatically curbing worldwide hunger. However, the widespread use of GMOs and toxic fertilizers has potential health implications. With rising awareness of genetically modified foods, the demand for natural, organic, and healthy food has grown correspondingly.

Rublyovsky Privoz redefines the concept of a marketplace. It’s more than just a spot for procuring fresh produce; it’s an attraction for the entire “Rublyovka” community. Whether it’s sipping coffee, relishing fresh rolls or sushi, sampling exquisite wines, or even hosting events, Rublyovsky Privoz serves as a hub for delightful experiences.



With a robust business model and a clear technical brief in place, a talented team of designers and consultants, guided by the JTA architecture bureau, accomplished all the conceptual tasks:

– Comfort and functionality – The design optimizes openness and flexibility to accommodate potential shifts in space utilization, responding to changing market conditions. Through careful exploration and discussion of numerous planning solutions, the optimal approach was determined.

– Unique, appealing design – The architectural design of the building demands attention with its unique geometry, material selection, and proportions. It adheres to a human scale with a one-story structure and harmoniously blends with the distinctive architectural style of the Rublyovka district.

– Energy efficiency – Operational costs can significantly impact the return on investment (ROI) in a business model. The objective was to balance the ratio between investment and operation. Enhanced thermal insulation performance, strategically oriented transparent structures, and energy-efficient engineering systems have satisfied the investor’s expectations.

To bring this ambitious project to life, HPL panels were used for cladding both the facades and the internal ceiling. High-performance sandwich panels were partially used in the building’s technical area. Natural granite slabs grace the floors and sidewalks, while large-format ceramic granite slabs were chosen for the interior. The external walls predominantly feature transparent, high-efficiency glazing, shielded from street view by HPL panel lamellas.

The project was designed to meet the highest quality expectations and adapt to future conditions as they evolve…

Introducing Rublyovsky Privoz, coming soon …


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