Author: Jorge Tofalo

The After-Office

The After-Office

We all understand the term After-office as the action of finishing a working day and enjoying time chilling out at a bar. But now, its time to use the term in another context, and use it to pompously state the death of the office as the place to work we...

May , 20
The Tension in Urban Planning in The Age of Coronavirus

The Tension in Urban Planning in The Age of Coronavirus

Through history, pandemics have shaped cities, introducing noticeable changes in their development. From ancient Athens, medieval towns to modern cities the plagues have posed serious challenges on the life of citizens that prompted urban planners to give novel solutions to cope with them and allowed the societies to survive. Examples...

Apr , 10
The Use of Parametric Design

The Use of Parametric Design

Parametric Design is a design process based on algorithms that creates rules for geometrical generation based on input from parameters that define them. With the surge of IT in recent years, computers have reached enough power to calculate and produce large and complex geometrical forms based on that parametrical input...

Jan , 11

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