City of Yachts Showroom

Client: Capital Group
Status: completed

Welcome area of this 180 sq.m. apartment

Although contemporary in its execution, the interior has a kind of classical serenity

The veneered and flat canopy gently hovers over the service premises

Bright materials used to emphasize the elements of the composition, which resembles vertical and horizontal planes as a tribute to the Mies van der Rohe's pavilion in Barcelona

Transformable partitions to give flexibility of use in a ever flowing internal space

Minimalist in shape, rich in textures

Some wall partitions are made of both transparent and opaque glass as well as polished marble

The surface planes that conform the design interlace each other and overlap trough the internal premises

Functional and spacious

Apartment located in high-end building with own marina

Luminous and lofty

Intimate and open

The plan is asymmetric and fluid with a continuous flow of space

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