Scale: 2.700 m 2
Status: In Progress

Sustainable Architectural Vision

A compact design that merges renewable energy use, eco-friendly technology, and adaptable modular structures, ensuring environmental harmony and sustainability

Ecologically Friendly Entrance

The vibrant facade features a playful array of colored windows with sustainably sourced wood.

Interactive Eco-Playgrounds:

The outdoor play areas are designed with environmental stewardship in mind, using recycled materials and green spaces

Communal Courtyards with a Green Twist

Central spaces serve as social hubs with integrated greenery, encouraging ecological awareness among children

Educational Landscaping

Outdoor areas are designed for teaching about sustainability and biodiversity

Outdoor Classrooms with Sustainable Design

Innovative use of space merges indoor and outdoor learning, featuring eco-friendly construction materials and methods

Learning in Nature

Classrooms are designed with energy-efficient large windows, providing a connection to the outdoors while reducing the need for artificial lighting

Inclusive and Sustainable Play Areas:

Play equipment is made from recycled materials, ensuring a low carbon footprint

Open-Air Learning with Environmental Benefits

Canopy-covered spaces allow for outdoor teaching, while contributing to air quality and temperature control

Maximizing Natural Light and Heat

Architectural design focuses on utilizing sunlight for both illumination and passive heating

Diverse Spaces with Low Environmental Impact

Varied educational spaces use sustainable materials, reducing the building's overall energy consumption

Integrated Green Learning Environment

The building's layout incorporates environmental education into its design, with indoor plants and vertical hydroponic gardens

Transparent and Energy-Efficient Learning Hubs

Glass-walled areas use advanced glazing to minimize heat loss and maximize daylight

Sustainable Colorful Walkways

Hallways are not only visually stimulating but also feature low-emission paint and natural lighting to reduce energy use

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