Rublyovsky Privoz Fresh Market

SCALE: 2500 m 2
Status: completed

Main Facade

View from the Rublevskoye Highway

North facade

The building has a texture of wood and metal

Outdoor cafe

In summer time expansion over the pavement

Main entrance

a portal breaking with the continuity of facades' elements

the Main interior space

Skylights and featured ceiling give loft lightness to a large span structure. A palette of neutral and natural materials and colours to give warm and sophistication to the place

Stand-alone stalls

Placed in the central main space, with fully engineering provision

Perimetral shops

around the central space with storefronts, for those products needing additional storage and rapid turnover


for those coming to taste the food and drinks in the place

Wine bar

Meat shops

Featured ceilings

wood textures and accosting treatment

featured canopies

to host and conceal engineering equipment

Multipurpose functionality

A fresh market is not only a place to shop but to socialise. Events and dinning capacities give flexibility to the use of the space


In spite of the unparalleled shape of the building, the plan was designed following strict norms of lay-out optimisation in retail, such as control of movement flows and anchor shops location, to enhance products visibility and maximise revenue to the Client

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