Concorde Business Centre

Client: Capital Group
Status: completed

The given concept of this business center lobby works out its own rule of how to organize the internal space

The structural kernel – the reception desk – represents a “squiggle” which turns around itself, thereby sets a direction of movement for the visitor

An original variation on Moebius’s theme, but this time it becomes a surface with inserts of light which in turn increase dynamics of movement and direction

This is well read in the interior – it’s simple, creating various and unexpected foreshortening, monumental and simultaneously lofty, conceptual but not over-organised

A functional enough and well assembled object has – as a result – turned out

One big minus of these premises – the little sunlight, therefore the transparency is simply necessary

Light lacking is compensated by hinged panels from matte glass and the use of light-emitting diode illumination (RGB) allows to change organically character of a premise by means of light and colour

Glass – gives to an interior ease and additional shades, it’s possible to achieve unexpected illumination – all conclusive advantages

Niches on walls and ceilings accompany the visitor and show a way and a direction to follow. Light of different brightness and colors “intertwines” the space structure

It’s a minimalist interior: space almost without doors, but thus very divided. All its functions are accurately outlined and its dynamics and severity are felt

Then, only was necessary to add natural materials: wooden veneers and natural stone to finally create an ideal and respectable space of a business centre

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